After the popularity of my last blog entry on the 1960’s landscape of the east side of Toronto, I decided to breakdown all the photos we have by decades so that we can “visit” this era digitally. My recommended soundtrack to this photo album would be Michael Jackson’s Thriller (Sorry, like batteries with your favourite 80’s toys – the soundtrack is not included here, but you could open up MJ in another window on youtube).

This is an era that I fondly remember, because it happened during my formative years as a young child and man growing up on the east side of Toronto. As an adult i’ve come to enjoy it just as much, and being a real estate agent it has also become my livelihood. How lucky am I that I get to look at Riverside, Riverdale, and Leslieville Lofts, Houses and all different types of real estate – and making a living at it?

What a fantastic neighbourhood we enjoy and probably take for granted at times.


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The 1980’s on Toronto’s Eastside : Leslieville, Riverside, Riverdale

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