I recently visited the new Louis Cifer Brew Pub (“Lucifer” if you say it fast enough) on the Danforth located at 417 Danforth Avenue.  It was opened by the owners of one of my favourite pubs in Cabbage Town- Stout. I actually liked Louis Cifer so much after my first visit that I went back another two nights in a row!

Being a newly opened brew pub they are in the process of getting their brewing in motion but they do have about 20 amazing beers on tap. I’ve sampled two so far; a cherry porter and the Great Lakes Pumpkin Ale, both of which were delicious! I’m a big fan of the temperature of the beer coming out of their taps. It’s nice, consistent, and cold. The menu is also very appealing. So far I’ve sampled the fish and chips, which was awesome, and the beet salad which is a meal in itself. I also had the French onion soup which could be considered addictive.

The decor is devilish in nature. The space is grand and vast and it’s a perfect venue to watch sports with the many large flat screens throughout the space. In my opinion this is a classy joint that I would strongly recommend to anyone and it is now a shining star on the Danforth that I believe will live a long successful life.

Cheers to a great new restaurant on the Danforth that Leslieville & Riverdale will most certainly embrace. I can quite honestly say I love this place already!


Matt Casselman


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Leslieville & Riverside News: Try Out the Danforth’s “Louis Cifer Brew Pub”

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