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The difference between Little Portugal and Little Italy or Greektown is that we actually have Portuguese people. (In fact, Little Italy is full of Portuguese, too, so technically it is now our colony.) Authenticity has its benefits: The Portuguese are phenomenal bakers. My son loves the fat glazed doughnuts at Golden Wheat, 652 College St., 80¢ each. I love the grilled ham and cheese sandwiches at Venezia, at Ossington Avenue and Argyle Street — an Italian bakery until a Portuguese family took over. Once you get used to them — my butcher, my barber and my mechanic are all Portuguese, too — you feel like one of the family. Peter Kuitenbrouwer

Leslieville, Peter Kuitenbrouwer recently wrote, is a place “where anything can happen.” The neighbourhood “bubbles with possibility” and inspired Kuitenbrouwer to write that diverse people from all over the city simply “belong in Leslieville.” There’s not enough room to namedrop all of the new and established eateries, shops, markets and natural(ish) beauty like the Leslie Street Spit that make our hood great, but it carries a lot of weight that even our opposing neighbourhood’s advocate would pen such kind words. Whether you live here or just drop in for a visit, Leslieville is hard not to love.


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