We are huge fans of SUSHI MARCHE. It has to be the freshest,tastiest sushi in the city. The bad news: you can’t eat in! Which is what we love to do, so we don’t eat it often enough. You can find good sushi also at http://www.districtsushi.ca/ in riverside. In my opinion leslieville/riverside is a lacking a great dine in sushi restaurant and a great location to open one would be on Gerrard Street East.

1105 Queen Street East Toronto, ON
(416) 463-0114

Sushi in Leslieville


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The Best SUSHI in Leslieville?

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  • Graydon

    Sushi MarchĂ© is awesome. I remember being immediately impressed with the quality of their sushi when they first opened a few years ago. Apparently many others agree since John has recently expanded into Leaside on Laird. If you’re having a party or are very hungry they can do great omakase (chef’s choice platter) starting at $50.

    I second the motion for a new dine-in sushi restaurant on Gerrard Street East!