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If you are thinking of filling up here – DON’T. In late November I filled up with premium gas only to have my car break down. Upon a fuel analysis the technician at downtown Acura said the gas was the worst quality they had ever seen, riddled with contamination and “filler”. The Neon Gas Station owner and their staff have been reluctant to help me or even return calls. They run a horrible operation and do not deserve your business. Go down to the lake shore and always get your gas at name brand gas station. There is a difference. The worst part- bad gas is not covered under your warranty. So i’m out over $500 and I paid $107 for the a full tank of “premium” gas.


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NEON Gas Station at Leslie and Queen!

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Ben Ferguson
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  • GAF

    I was relieved to come across this blog as I thought I was losing my mind. I used to fill up at the Neon on my way to work as it was convenient and full service (winter). However, I started noticing that my engine light would come on and the car would stutter when idling. I started having suspicions about the quality of gas at the station so I have not filled up there for a number of months. Fast forward to this week and I found my self in an emergency situation requiring to fill up a Neon again. Guess what, 15 minutes later, on the way to work my engine light came on. I was forced to get off the highway and fill the remainder of my tank with high-grade hoping to improve the quality. Result – light went off after some additional travel. In light of this, i will NEVER fill up here again. Let this be a warning to others!!!!

    Question: Is there a government body (provincial and/or federal) that oversees quality issues? and if so, has anyone reported this?