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Check out this update from our local Riverside BIA!

  • Featured: Riverside Streetscape Master Plan is READY!; Blog: Sinead from Irish Design House!
  • BIA Notices/Reminders: Business Theft Advisory & How to Handle the Situations; Why not Have a Night of  Wine Sampling at Your Shop?
  • Riverside BIA 2019 Event Calendar
  • Upcoming Riverside BIA Member Happenings 
  • Neighbourhood News: Netflix is coming to the Port Lands; Canada’s World Wonders by Ron Brown

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Riverside Streetscape Master Plan is READY!
The idea of this project was to undertake comprehensive streetscape plans to guide future streetscape improvements.

The goal of the program is to help the Riverside BIA to identify a long term vision for streetscape improvements which can be implemented with support from the BIA Capital Cost-Share Program and other City funding sources. A Capital Plan provides a framework for the goals and aspirations of the BIA and a reference for other City Divisions and Agencies when other works are planned for the area.

The master plan contains 21 projects located throughout the BIA. The following pages outline the work required for each project, and have been evaluated with respect to feasibility in the short, mid, or long term based on required approvals, funds, and/or partnerships required, and maintenance implications. All planting areas are considered moderate to high maintenance.
Click here to learn all about it! 

Blog: Sinead from Irish Design House
Join us in this Business Profile Series and learn more about the people that make Riverside such a great place to work, live and play!

When Irish Design House owner Sinead Clarke and her husband arrived in Toronto, it didn’t take them long to realize Riverside was where they wanted to live and do business.

“We loved the area and felt very comfortable here,” she says. It’s now been four years since she opened Irish Design House, and Sinead has only warm thoughts about running a business in Riverside.

Read the entire article on our blog!

Business Theft Advisory & How to Handle the Situations

The Riverside BIA has been advised of an individual in the neighbourhood who has stolen items from a couple of local shops (earlier this winter, and again this past week). We wanted to alert you, as this individual is often seen in the area, and may be targeting other neighbouring businesses as well. A police report has been filed for the most recent incident. The description is female, older age, caucasian, dressed awkwardly with different pieces of clothing.

There was also another situation where a person came into one of the shops with small talk and trying to show a relationship with a neighbouring shop and getting the shop’s business card. After a few minutes of leaving, the person called the shop asking for money due to a car accident with the business owner.

If you experience theft, report it online:

CRIME Prevention Tips From Local Police Division 55
That’s what makes Shop Theft such a difficult crime to prevent. Thieves come in all shapes and sizes, all ages, and from all backgrounds. However, you can detect warning signs and help discourage thieves:

– The shopper who wanders through your store for an unusually long time may be waiting for an opportunity to steal
– Pros often work in pairs; while one is distracting a sales person, the other person steals
– Shoppers who enter your store with large shopping bags or purses, or with unusually bulky clothing deserve special attention
– Offering a shopper more than one valuable item at a time for inspection is asking for trouble. Do not leave display cases unlocked.

Division 55:
Constable Jonathan Morrice
(416) 808-5579

Why not Have a Night of  Wine Sampling at Your Shop?
Join us in this 5-day long event enjoying all that our area has to offer in terms of Wine & Beer!
Tuesday, April 2nd to Saturday, April 6th is the 5th Annual Riverside Wine & Craft Beer Fest!

It’ll be a week-long celebration of Ontario wine, local beer and Riverside businesses, featuring: Talks (April 2), Flight Night (April 3), Tasting Night Market (April 4), Prix Fixe Events (April 2-6), and the ever-popular Expo (April 6)!!

Here are ways you can get on board to make this a fabulous community event once again:

  • April 2-6th: Host a prix fixe event: restaurants, bars and cafes can host special events, such as prix fixe meals or classes with wine/beer pairings. Partner up with one of your existing wine or beer reps or let us know if you need a recommendation! Let us know what you’ll be doing to be included in promotions!
  • April 3rd: Take part in Wednesday Flight Night – restaurants, bars and cafes can promote an existing or special flight of beer or wine as part of the festival – just let us know to be included in promotions
  • April 4th: Take part in our Tasting Night Market: The BIA is looking for up to 10 shops to host free wine tastings to make up our Tasting Night Market – the BIA covers the SOP and partners you with a wine/beer provider -you provide the space and help promote and make it a welcoming atmosphere. First come first served – let us know ASAP if you’re in!
  • April 6th: We are seeking pop-up food vendors for the EXPO, and also donations for our Silent Auction in support of Ralph Thornton Community Centre. 
  • Promote your regular specials: restaurants, bars and cafes that offer regular wine or beer specials (BYOB, 1/2 price…) can promote these as part of the festival! Just let us know!

To get involved just email marketing@riverside-to.com
See photos from last year’s event here!!


Our 2019 calendar shows an overview of what’s happening this year! Email marketing@riverside-to.com anytime with your questions and to get involved.  
P.S. Check out our detailed Riverside Online Events Calendar which showcases BIA member and community events – to get your event posted, submit anytime to marketing@riverside-to.com


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Netflix is setting up a Toronto production hub in the Port Lands

Video-streaming giant Netflix is setting up a production hub in Toronto’s Port Lands, leasing space from local studios on the redeveloping east downtown waterfront coveted by Sidewalk Labs for potential future high-tech neighbourhoods.

California-based Netflix announced Tuesday it has signed leases for four new Cinespace Studios sound stages and offices totalling 164,000 square feet, and for another four studios from Pinewood Toronto Studios, totalling 84,580 square feet including offices.

Read the entire article here.

Canada’s World Wonders by Ron Brown

An event from the Riverdale Historical Society, Canada’s World Wonders; How the World See Us by Ron Brown, is a presentation, from his newly published book of the same title, will review the many natural, cultural and scenic features in this country that resonate outside its borders.

Join renowned author, geographer, and travel writer Ron Brown as he explores the natural, cultural and scenic features that make Canada the subject of the world’s attention.  
Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Meeting Room 2, Riverdale Library, 370 Broadview Ave (corner of Broadview & Gerrard)
Free to Members / $5.00 at the door 
More info here.


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Leslieville/Riverside News: #RiversideTO BIA Weekly Update

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