An update for you from the ‘Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial’ team:

Great news! Jeffrey’s statue will be installed and officially unveiled on Saturday October 18th 2014. The exact time is to be confirmed but the ceremony will start late afternoon (3  or 4). I hope to meet many of Jeffrey’s supporters that afternoon. I will be certain to keep you updated as the details become available.  Thank you so much for making Jeffrey’s statue a reality! Here he is being assembled at the Artcast foundry.

On a subject unrelated to Jeffrey, I am asking a favour if you could go to the link below and vote for a school play structure project that I am supporting. It is a contest and whichever project receives the most votes receives funding. It doesn’t cost anything, just a minute of your time to cast a vote. (You can vote once a day for it).

Visit the ‘Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial’ campaign and help spread the word!


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Leslieville news: Jeffrey Baldwin Memorial Unveiling Update!

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