Withrow Dog Park is a perfect place to take your dog for a big run! Lots of social dogs and owners frequent this park to get in a good fetch or game of chase. Dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes abound, so it’s a great park to socialize your canine and chat with neighbours.

This vast space is situated between the outdoor skating rink and the baseball diamond on southwest side of Withrow and boasts tall trees, two hillsides and a wide-open run area. A few picnic tables, wooden logs, a water fountain and wood chip ground cover complete the space.

There are three gate entries to this park. The main one is situated at the south side backing onto the ball field and large green space where you’ll often find people training boot-camp style or doing yoga, co-ed ball games and children playing. The two others entries are at the north end of the park on either side of the rink, where evening skates with pop music booms, pick-up games of shinny and league play pepper the arena.

There’s lots going on in and around Withrow Park, so if you have a shy pooch this may not be the ideal spot initially. It is a stimulating place for those social butterfly doggies who delight in distraction and activity. Have fun!


Address: 725 Logan Avenue, Toronto, ON

Major Intersection: Logan & Bain Avenue

Ward: 30

Map: http://www1.toronto.ca/city_of_toronto/parks_forestry__recreation/leisure_spaces/files/pdf/withrowolamap.pdf


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Dog Park Profile: Withrow Park

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