In case you’re unaware I live in the IZone loft building (326 Carlaw Ave, 1159 & 1173 Dundas St)

The building is comprised of live/work units and work only units described in the condo documents as artists’ studios.  Many of the lofts in this building have outdoor space and others have roof rights to build up to a 500 Sqft deck directly above their unit.

The building is only 2 stories high but both floors for the most part have ceiling heights of approx. 18ft. There are very few amenities but it does have an amazing party room with a huge rooftop terrace.  It also has night time securities that patrol the halls and exterior of the building.

One of the things that I like most about IZone is that more than 50% of the units are occupied by businesses whose staff and owners go home at night.  This helps to provide a lot of privacy in the evenings. My unit in particular has only a very small unit located below me and no connecting walls with any other residences.  This allows me to occasionally make quite a bit of noise without getting noise complaints.

There is underground and surface parking and a very active condo board that help to keep the building in good shape!  Also, a really cute bar with a great patio called Lola on the North West corner of the building.  The owner Kramer does an exquisite job of the gardening as well as a wonderful fresh water aquarium inside.

Quite often we have units for sale in this building that are not mls listed.  If you are interested please contact us anytime.


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IZone Live/Work Lofts

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