Project Gallery is proud to be hosting Bodies in Motion- a contemporary group exhibition exploring the movement of the human form.

The exhibition will run from August 21st – August 27th, 2014 at 1109 Queen St East. There will be a catered opening reception on Thursday August 21st from 7 -11pm.

This is a contemporary group art exhibition featuring artists who find inspiration in the body, its interaction with its surroundings and its many shapes, forms and capabilities. Creation in itself connects the fluidity, strength, speed and the beauty of the body’s moving patterns to its ability to command a medium. This exploration of the body will feature all interpretations of movement, including motion within the body, space described by the body and the control of active motion in all capacities. in admiration of the human body in motion, Bodies In Motion demonstrates the ability to portray multidimensional movement of the body within artwork.

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We hope to see you there!


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Bodies in Motion- Leslieville Art Exhibition

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