Spring Cleaning

With the warm weather approaching it’s time to get into Spring cleaning mode. Here’s some great tips on how to breathe new life into your home after a long winter!

1. Wipe down all your walls from top to bottom. You can remove fingerprints, dust, stains with a damp microfiber cloth.

2. Refresh your carpets with a carpet cleaner. Rid your carpets of odors, spilt liquids, and anything else that may have gotten into the carpet.

3. Scrub your windows. Now I’m sure cleaning the windows from the inside has gotten some love but when was the last time you showed the outside some attention? 

4. Deep clean the fridge. Toss any expired products, wipe both the interior and exterior with a damp cloth and take out those shelves for a good scrub. 

5. Clean out the junk drawer. We’ve all got one and it’s full of junk but useless junk right? Try to organize it in a way that repurposes those pretty bowls, stamps, & cords! Tip: A nonslip liner or dividers will help keep everything in place.

6. Toss expired cosmetics. You’ve gone through how many moisturizer brands now? Time to toss the old ones. They didn’t do you good last year, they won’t do you good this year.

7. Dust ceiling fixtures. Grab an extendable duster and attack those ceiling fan’s and hanging light fixtures.

8. Clean your washing machine. Yes even your washing machine whose job is to clean needs to be cleaned. 

9. Gutters.Don’t ignore this important chore! If you don’t clear debris from your gutters, you could be heading for roofing, siding, and foundation issues in the months ahead.

10. Clean your vacuum. Keeping the filters, hose, attachments, canister and other vacuum parts free of dust and dirt can help your vacuum run more efficiently.

11. Backyard entertaining is back! Replace any outdoor light bulbs and take out your patio furniture for a good scrub.

12. Replace furnace and HVAC filters. New air filters improve air quality and save 15 percent on energy costs.

13. Check smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors. You should be testing both of these once a month but here’s your reminder to do it! Make sure to replace the battery too!

14. Sanitize door handles & light switches. We use them everyday but do we ever clean them? 

15. Donate unused toys. I’m sure your basement or garage is full of them but when’s the last time your child played with them? Clear out the space and donate them to a good home! The East End Children’s Centre is once again accepting drop offs. Learn more:http://www.eastendchildrenscentre.org/


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Spring Cleaning

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