As a local resident and small business owner, I started Leslieville Supper Club in July out of concern and in response to the construction that was plaguing Queen Street East.

Foot traffic was visibly down and many of the shops – and restaurants in particular – were struggling to keep numbers up due to the strain of sidewalk and road closures, TTC detours and the noise and dust from the months of infrasturcture repair and upgrades.

I felt compelled to do something about it.

The idea was simple: link all of our food-loving, local-supporting, online “friends” in real time to create connections while supporting local. I’d choose a theme, select the restaurants and leave it to a vote. A few days prior I would confirm numbers, book the reservation and the rest would take care of itself.

Leslieville Supper Club was born.

The first outing took place at (the now closed) PicNic Wine Bar with 11 locals at the table breaking bread, sharing stories and enjoying each others company. Some of us had such a great time connecting that we headed to HiLo just a block away for a night cap to continue our lively conversations!

The second supper club saw an upsurge in attendance with 19 guests gathered ’round the table in the lovely backyard patio at Leslie Jones. It was amazing to see that small kitchen pour love into each plate and with such impeccable timing so we could all dine together.

Our third edition takes place on Wednesday, September 17 with a “something new” theme to try one of the newbies in the neighbourhood.

Dining with Leslievillians is a wonderful experience and adds to the great sense of community we share here in the ‘hood. An expanse of generations, professions and ideas settle at the table with great ease and lots of laughter.

I hope you’ll join us on Facebook – and at the table – real soon!

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Leslieville Supper Club: Connecting Community, Supporting Local

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