Leslieville/Riverside News: #RiversideTO BIA Weekly Update

Check out this update from our local Riverside BIA!

  • Featured: Riverside BIA Member Survey; Canada Summer Jobs Grant
  • BIA Notices/Reminders: Commercial Facade Improvement Grant is coming up!; Riverside Magazine 2019 Ad Opportunities
  • Riverside BIA 2019 Event Calendar
  • Upcoming Riverside BIA Member Happenings 
  • Neighbourhood News: Off-Street Parking Rate Adjustments to Ward 14; Council’s Meeting Schedule for 2019.

Submit YOUR Riverside news/events via office@riverside-to.com

Riverside BIA Member Survey Take the Member Survey here! – It takes only 5 min, we swear! 

The Riverside BIA is looking for all members’ input to determine what is important to you. Your feedback is essential to the BIA, so it can achieve its mandate “to promote and improve the Riverside area as a business and shopping district”.

Please tell us how we can best accomplish this goal and service your needs, attract customers and enhance the viability of your business. It will only take 5 minutes!

Go to the Survey!

Canada Summer Jobs 2019
You can get 50% of the employment cost back by hiring youth from 15 to 30 years old this summer!

This year the program expanded! It is now available to all youth and there’s no longer the need to be a student! By applying to the Canada Summer Jobs Grant, small businesses can get a 50% wage subsidy when hiring someone for the summer. 

A few details:

  • The program runs from 6 to 16 weeks.
  • It can start as early as April 23rd.
  • It must end by Sept 1st, 2019.

Apply for the Canada Summer Jobs Grant by January 25th, 2019!

Commercial Facade Improvement Grant is Coming Up!
Each year, the Program provides funding to commercial and private properties to redesign, renovate or restore commercial or industrial building façades. The eligible improvements include, but are not limited to, brick cleaning, restoration, wheelchair accessibility, doors, signage, windows, lighting and masonry. 

The application is received in a first come first served basis, and the funding usually runs out prior to the deadline! So, be ready to apply as soon as it opens!
Check last year’s version of the application package here.

Your application must contain:

  • Quotes from 2 different contractors for each improvement (at least 3) you want to make in your facade.
  • In case you rent, a letter from the landlord giving you permission to tackle the renovation.
  • You need to a drawing of the renovation project. It does not need to be done by a professional, it just needs to clearly show the changes you’re planning.
  • Application form

If you have any questions, contact Michael Saunders at the City of Toronto: 416 392-1005.

Riverside Magazine 2019 Ad Opportunities
Get in on the 2019 edition of the Riverside Magazine! 
The Media Kit for the 2019 Riverside Magazine is available and the team will be reaching out to businesses this fall! In the 2019 Media Kit you will find:

  • Riverside Magazine demographics and statistics
  • Ad Rate and A La Carte options
  • Ad specifications
  • Ad Deadlines 

Click here to see the 2019 Riverside Magazine Media Kit

Check out a digital copy of the 2018 Riverside Magazine here and get in now on the 2019 edition by contacting: editor@riverside-to.com


Our 2019 calendar shows an overview of what’s happening this year! Email marketing@riverside-to.com anytime with your questions and to get involved.  
P.S. Check out our detailed Riverside Online Events Calendar which showcases BIA member and community events – to get your event posted, submit anytime to marketing@riverside-to.com


Off-Street Parking Rate Adjustments to Ward 14

As its meeting on October 24, 2018, the Board of Directors of the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) approved Item PA15.5 Rate Review 2018 – Off-Street Municipal Parking Facilities which included rate changes at certain TPA off-street facilities, to be implemented in early 2019. 

Check here the rate schedule changes at municipal carparks in your Ward

Do you want to have your voice heard? Check the dates for your Council’s meetings

“Council adopted a meeting schedule for City Council and its committees in 2019. Twelve meetings of Council will be held, generally with two days designated for each meeting. The meetings will normally run from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2 to 6 p.m. Committee meetings routinely include evening hours, from 7:30 to 10 p.m.”

Click here to check it out!


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Leslieville/Riverside News: #RiversideTO BIA Weekly Update

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