The market will be running May 26th to October 27th, every Sunday from 9am-2pm in Jonathan Ashbridge Park.


The Leslieville Farmers’ Market’s mission is to support relationships between the community and local environmentally responsible producers in order to enhance access and awareness of local fresh food.


We want to help our neighbours buy their food directly from its source (and get to know them by name)! To learn something you never knew from people you’ve never met. We want your taste buds to dance when you try a tomato that is so jam packed with flavor, you’ll wonder what you were eating before. To savour amazing treats filled with ingredients even your toddler can pronounce. To take comfort in the fact that no, your organic salad greens did not come from California, 3513 km away , but 35 minutes North West of the 427. But most importantly we want to help grow a strong community around great health, people, environmental stewardship and food. A community which values the hard working men and women who provide us with some of the most delectable (and sustainably produced!) pleasures of life.

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Leslieville Farmers Market

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