456 Danforth Ave
Toronto, Ontario. M4K 1P4
(416) 778-5150

Mezes is an abbreviation, in name only, of our predecessor, Mezes of Rhodes, a smaller restaurant with the same flair that firstly opened its doors in 1992. Mezes of Rhodes thrived at its original location, 402 Danforth Avenue, and remained there for two years until the fortuitous necessity for a new location arose.

Losing the bulk of our name in the move, Mezes re-opened on April 1st, 1996 and to the relief of both staff and clientele, the ensuing success was no Fool’s joke. Having developed a committed customer base with the first store, Mezes was anchored through any uncertainty by the weight of countless hungry supporters, (whose constancy might’ve been impelled, in part, by an unparalleled kalamari!)

Our locality has been anything but static, but what we suppose distinguishes Mezes from other restaurants is consistency where it counts. We’ve learned that in the restaurant industry there is only one absolute–people remain faithful to your product only so long as you do. We began with a few select family recipes, dishes that would be served in any traditional Greek home, and every one of those remains, unchanged, on our menu. Fresh, quality products are the base of every dish, and are certainly the best promoters of taste and texture. We encourage liveliness by emphasizing spirited, gracious service, because your enjoyment is about more than good food. It’s about good company.

While we continually aim to improve, to explore enhancements to our menu and to our space, rest assured that at our heart we are still the newest restaurant on the block, boasting a mere 65 seats and wishing for just a handful of diners to walk through our door. We maintain that our achievements have been a collaborative effort; we took care of the cooking, but our customers, you, gave the whole endeavor its inimitable flavour.


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