Halo Body Art

Halo Body Art
245 Carlaw Ave
Toronto, Ontario. M4M 2S1
(647) 340-4747

My approach to body design is fairly simple: it focuses on enhancing the unique anatomy of each client. A tattoo is so much more than ornamentation, it is a tradition that works on us and changes us.

The art of tattoo is a celebration of the living body. It provides a nexus between individual and culturally defined values. As the tattoo becomes part of the body, the individual becomes part of the thoughts and deeds of society. There is a harmony created between the internal and the external when one receives a tattoo, and it is within this state of harmony that some of the questions of our existence are revealed. A tattoo, although brief in time, opens a doorway to one’s mind and emotions that is indelible.

It is my genuine belief that every tattoo design has merit because it stems from a creative and ongoing collaboration between two people. Everything that I absorb from a person before and during a tattooing session is forged into the actual tattoo. A tattoo is a lesson which can guide and direct us through the complexities of our life; it can heal, as well as inform us.

The most enjoyable work that I do is with clients who have yet to finalize their design ideas. This allows me to tattoo outside of the canon of popular imagery. I enjoy working in a variety of styles and using an eclectic blend of techniques to realize each new piece. However, you will notice that most of my work is in the black and grey pointillist style – an ancient and relatively obscure branch of technical tattooing – which I have been slowly developing (or perhaps undeveloping) over the last 15 years. My design work strives toward simplicity – not increasing complexity – because beauty is often about expressing fundamental values.


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