Hotflex Fitness

Hotflex Fitness
276 Carlaw Ave
Toronto, Ontario. M4M 3L1
(416) 406-0003

HotFlex was established in 1994 in a small 650 square foot space at Yonge and Bloor. As a result of Stone’s unique approach to health and fitness he developed a following and relocated to Leslieville to loft space which was double the size of the original location. Since then, HotFlex has further expanded into its current 3500 square foot space and is a full service fitness centre, offering the members a complete range of memberships,fitness packages, classes, top of the line equipment, nutritional support, supplements and so much more.

At HotFlex the commitment is to helping people attain a state of good health and fitness is evident in the approach by the HotFlex team to all members and potential members. Stone believes that attaining a healthy and fit state is a right, so the HotFlex team works with you to design a package that can meet each individual’s budget and achieve his or her goals. Everyone is welcome to call and schedule a complimentary orientation and check out the studio.


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