The Ceili Cottage

The Ceili Cottage
1301 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario. M4L 1C2
(416) 406-1301

The Ceili Cottage is an Irish local located in Leslieville comprised of two rooms and a large sunny patio. The Cottage room, is the oldest part of the structure. We kept the original aged look of this room with church pews and small tables lining the walls for folks to sit and talk, or enjoy a meal. The bar room, is located just behind the Cottage room, and is long and narrow – just big enough to get to know your neighbours. A stand up piano is located just off of the bar and will be available to play anytime you wish, or join in on one of the “sessions” of fiddle and flute.

During the summer, the patio is open 7 nights a week and seats up to 60 people. With a street-side location, its just the right spot for conversations, people watching, and enjoying the weather. When the temperature drops below zero, the patio is flooded and converted into “The Dinky Rink” used for curling, skating and whatever else we can dream up.


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