Lick’s Homeburgers & Ice Cream

654 Danforth Ave
Toronto, Ontario. M4J 1L1
(416) 465-6426

Based in Toronto, Ontario, we are proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated.

Our roots are those of a truly Canadian entrepreneur. Denise Meehan is the President and sole shareholder who launched the Lick’s phenomenon in 1980. Ms. Meehan channelled her seemingly limitless energy and ambition into creating the Lick’s brand which is known to this day to be synonymous with quality, integrity and community.

When asked why she established Lick’s, Ms. Meehan responded by saying, “There are very few people that share my standards for service and quality in this industry. Too often, vast sums of money are spent on decor and advertising while neglecting staff development and customer concern.”

Excellence in food quality, service and atmosphere are what differentiate us from the competition.


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