A message for Little India Residents.
I’m guilty of it as well. You tell people you live in Beaches, Leslieville or perhaps East Leslieville. But we both know it’s what Mom would call a “white lie”. You really live in the Little India bazaar or Little India and you should be proud of it.  Why, you ask? See below.  Oh and yes, I do see the irony that this blog post comes from my leslieville.com domain. But I don’t own littleindia.com  🙂
Reasons why residents should be proud to say we live in Little India.
1. We need our own identity. The Gerrard Strip is one of the most up-and-coming areas in the east end. BlogTO placed it in the top 5 up and comers in Toronto. Calling the entire lower east end ‘Leslieville’ (even ‘Riverside’ gets lumped into Leslieville) is not specific enough.
2. The area is HIP!  The area has the building stock and affordability to accommodate a range of unique spots. Queen East and prime Danforth are both too expensive for a lot of businesses, especially the cool ones.
3. There is a New York-y feel to the moniker Little India.   A lot can be derived from an area’s name. It’s always neat to hang out in an area with street cred and a name like ‘Little India’ lends the east end a worldly feel.
4. The Food. The food is delicious!  We have the most authentic and amazing Indian restaurants in the city. Whatever you’re in the mood for can be found around the corner including all sorts of places you have yet to discover. Have a look below for my recommended spots.
5. It is a reflection of the multiculturalism that makes Toronto one of the best cities in the world!   Both Chinawtown East and Little India on Gerrard Street East represent a shining symbol of our multiculturalism.
6.  It’s Fun! The strip remains a destination for lovers of Indian Cuisine and South Asian culture and the weekends in the summer are tonnes of fun!  Also, if you haven’t checked out the Summer South Asian Festival on Gerrard, you really should!
So let’s practice this together.   “I Live in Little India”    Say that ten times fast. It rolls right off the tongue.
Here is a list of restaurants in the Little India Hood (Not all are Indian Restaurants.) My favs are in bold text.  What are your favourites? Comment below!


Lazy Daisys Cafe
1515 Gerrard St E

Chandni Chowk South Asian
1430 Gerrard St E
(416) 469-4466

1426 Gerrard St E
Indian / Indian Bazaar
(416) 778-0033

Lahore Tikka House Restaurant
1365 Gerrard St E
Indian / Indian Bazaar
(416) 406-1668


Sangeet Indian Cuisine
1424 Gerrard St E
Indian / Indian Bazaar
(416) 466-3900
Madras Durbar Restaurant Ltd
1386 Gerrard St E
Indian / Indian Bazaar
(416) 465-2733
Maha’s Kitchen
226 Greenwood Ave
(416) 462-2703
Mirch Masala Restaurant
1409 Gerrard St E
Indian / Indian Bazaar
(416) 466-8242
Ali Babba Restaurant
1513 Gerrard Street East
(416) 466-5551
Nirula’s Restaurant
1416 Gerrard St E
(416) 461-1411
Let’s Do Greek
1274a Gerrard St E
(416) 466-3363
New Town Family Restaurant
266 Coxwell Ave
(416) 465-0836
Gautama The Art of Indian Cuisine
1416 Gerrard St E
(416) 469-4444
Motimahal Restaurant
1422 Gerrard St E
(416) 461-3111
Lahore Biryani House
1386 Gerrard Ave. E.
(416) 466-9286
Skylark Restaurant
1433 Gerrard St.
(416) 469-1500
Bombay Chowpatty
1386 Gerrard St E
(416) 405-8080
Mahar Restaurant Incorp
1410 Gerrard St E
(416) 466-6241
Narulas Pure Vegetarian
1438 Gerrard Street East
(416) 466-0434
The Famous Indian Cousine
1437 Gerrard St E
(416) 406-4511
Tandoori Manzil
1431 Gerrard St E
(416) 778-4178
Regency Restaurant
1423 Gerrard St E
(416) 778-7366
The Siddhartha
1450 Gerrard St.
(416) 465-4095
New Sidartha Restaurant
1423 Gerrard St E
(416) 466-2222
Udupi Palace
1460 Gerrard St E
(416) 405-8189
Karma’s Kitchen
1411 Gerrard St. E.
Tibetan / Indian Bazaar
(647) 345-2762

Eulalie’s Corner Store 

1438 Gerrard St. East

(647) 350-6263

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