The Best East End Hills for Tobogganing

With the recent snowfall and the current lockdown what better way to spend the day than ripping it down one of Toronto’s tobogganing hills? Whether it’s family fun or just you and your pals going down memory lane, here are some of our favorite east end spots for tobogganing.

Riverdale Park
550 Broadview Ave
Offering an unobstructed view of the city’s skyline this is not only one of the best east end spots but THE spot in the whole city for the ultimate downhill fun run. Bonus: This park also has a skating rink so don’t forget to pack your skates!

Withrow Park
725 Logan Ave
A smooth hill that gives you a good charge and a pair of stairs to help you back up and do it all over again! This park also has a skating rink and an off-leash dog area!

Greenwood Park
150 Greenwood Ave
Great for kids as this hill offers obstacle-free sledding with a large flat area at the bottom. It also has Toronto’s first ever covered skating rink!

East Lynn Park
1949 Danforth Ave
The park’s hill is short making it perfect for the little kiddos and being right off the Danforth means you have access to many cafes for the classic post-tobogganing hot cocoa!

Glen Stewart Park
351 Glen Manor Drive
One of Toronto’s most picturesque rides hidden in the Beaches neighbourhood. 

Have fun out there and make sure to check out The City Of Toronto’s safety guidelines before heading out for a safe ride:




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The Best East End Hills for Tobogganing

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