Last night my lovely lady and I went to check out the unveiling of the Broadview Hotel’s beautiful new facade that features some of the most tastefully done LED lighting that I have ever seen. Les from Streetcar Developments let everybody know that the hotel will feature a restaurant and cocktail lounge on the main floor. It will be operated by the creators of Table 17 and Ascari- two of Queen East’s great restaurants. There will also be 58 hotel rooms and a few of those rooms will actually feature stripper poles from the now defunct Jilly’s that some of the city’s best and worst strippers worked on for decades.  The top floor will feature event space with a large rooftop terrace and beautiful views of Toronto’s downtown skyline. There is still a lot of interior work to be done but I can’t wait for this beacon on the east side to open its doors. Make sure to drive by to check it out, it’s a beauty!- Matthew Casselman



Photo credit Danielle Daoust


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The All New Broadview Hotel

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