Alexander Muir

 Leslievillian penned Maple Leaf Forever : Canada’s first antional anthem!

 Many aren’t aware of our Leslieville local ties to music.  The patriotic song “Maple Leaf Forever” was penned by local school teacher Alexander Muir in 1867. That along with “God Save the King”  were sung as national anthems until “O, Canada” became the de facto anthem in 1939, later becoming the official  national anthem in 1980. Many may not know  that Muir was inspired to write “Maple Leaf Forever” while on a walk  with George Leslie (founder of Leslieville) and a maple leaf became lodged in Leslie’s coat.

Piano Teacher

 Are you or one of your friends or family thinking of learning the piano?

I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Alyssa Albano, and  I am a local piano  teacher. I conduct piano lessons in your  home. I have been teaching piano for the past 8 years, and have  taught students ages 8 and up. If you’d like  more  information or have any questions, please follow the link to my website:

Leslieville’s Musical History from Alyssa Albano (Local piano teacher)

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