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THIS WEEKEND: Riverside Eats & Beats Streetfest
Riverside’s Annual Eats & Beats Streetfest is here on Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th alongside the Riverdale ArtWalk – as the festival helps Ontario and Canada ‘Celebrate 150’. Spanning Riverside’s 10 vibrant blocks along Queen Street East from the DVP to Empire Avenue.

View the full Event Guide (PDF)
Check out all the details, register for activities and let us know you’re coming!

Key Information for Riverside Businesses/Organizations:
  • Using Your Sidewalk Space: The Riverside BIA has secured a Sidewalk Sale permit to enable businesses and other vendors to animate the sidewalk space along Queen Street East, from the DVP to Empire Avenue. You must maintain a minimum clearance of 2.13 m from the face of the curb for the unimpeded passage of pedestrian traffic, or to a greater distance as may be directed by staff from Transportation Services. The core festival hours are June 3rd from 1pm-6pm and June 4th from 1pm-4pm, however, the Sidewalk Sale permit covers the hours of 9am-8pm should you wish to extend your sidewalk activity longer.
  • Outdoor Food Tasters: Toronto Public Health will be sending an Inspector to Riverside Eats & Beats to ensure all participating businesses are abiding food/safety Toronto Public Health requirements. 
  • Hosting Live or DJ Music: The BIA has secured a Noise Exemption permit for the hours of 1pm to 6pm on June 3rd and 1pm-4pm on June 4th. You can host your own live music (or DJ’d music) from your storefront or on your sidewalk space (abiding by the 2.13 m Sidewalk Permit rule above and being mindful to neighbours who may be having their own music.
  • Street Closures: The BIA has secured street closure permits for: JUNE 3rd (9am-7pm): Munro (north of Queen), Broadview (South of Queen to the laneway), Saulter (south of Queen to the laneway), and McGee (south of Queen to the laneway); JUNE 4th (9am-5pm): Saulter (south of Queen to the laneway), and McGee (south of Queen to the laneway). NOTE:  Queen Street East will remain open to vehicle traffic through the festival.
  • Set Up and Take Down: For Vendors/Groups at Street Closures the Load in/Set Up Time each day is 10:30AM – 12PM (festival starts at 1PM); and Tear Down/Load Out is 6PM – 7PM (festival ends at 6PM) on June 3rd, and 4PM-5PM (festival ends at 4PM) on June 4th

‘Doors Open Toronto 2017’ in Riverside was a Big Success

This past Saturday and Sunday, we had an amazing response to the Doors Open Toronto Riverside Walking tours, with over 250 people showing up for the four tours led by local Historians Ron Fletcher and Barry Slater, Megan Sheppard of Team Sheppard Re/MAX and Jennifer Lay of the Riverside BIA.

Walkers came from all parts of Toronto and beyond to learn about Riverside neighbourhood’s fascinating history and architecture dating back to the 1800s, as well as the inside scoop on exciting current and future plans. We explored the stories of the Postal Station G, the Riverside Bridge, Royal Canadian Curling Club, Degrassi Street, and the Opera House, the Broadview Hotel and much, much more.

A big thanks also goes out the members of the Royal Canadian Curling Club for being a Doors Open Toronto location in Riverside, and welcoming all our Walking tour-goers in for drinks, tours and talk.

These Doors Open Walks Tours were officially part of the Doors Open Toronto 2017 programme. They were also a part of ‘Riverside Walks’, the BIA’s series of FREE local walking tours throughout the spring, summer, and fall (May-Oct). They invite everyone to come and explore the vibrant Riverside neighbourhood and get to know Riverside businesses better! Sponsored by Team Sheppard Re/MAX, our 2017 walks will showcase Riverside’s diverse culture, heritage, and culinary delights – catering to a wide variety of interests. All walks are led by local residents and Riverside personalities.

If you have an idea for a walk or would like to get involved, contact us at or 416-466-8167

Streetscape Changes in Riverside 

Work completed this week included removing all the damaged and unstable planters along Queen Street East and side streets within the Riverside BIA. All metal planter brackets/attachments on the sidewalk have been removed and ground down to ensure there are no tripping hazards. The remaining seasonal planters will continue to be maintained throughout the BIA, with a summer refresh coming up soon on June 12th!

You will see colourful pole banners going up this week as Riverside helps celebrate 150 through its Annual Riverside Eats & Beats Streetfest and beyond. These banners will remain up until the end of 2017.

In the next few weeks, the short (non-working) light bollards that were installed decades ago are being decommissioned and removed. This will make for a cleaner looking streetscape for the neighbourhood.

If you ever see an issue with the planters or other streetscape elements – whether it be the planters, lights, benches, graffiti issues or other –  pls feel free to report it to the BIA office via or 416-466-8167 so we can work to address it.

JUNE 6th: Cultural Hotspot Walkaround in Riverside

Dear Riverside Restaurant/Café Owner:

HOT Eats is part of the City of Toronto’s 2017 Cultural Hotspot initiative, which celebrates the vibrant culture, heritage and creative business in the East York/East End area. The HOT Eats program promotes the area’s diverse food businesses, encouraging people across Toronto to explore more – and eat more – outside the core. The HOT Eats team will be coming to Riverside on June 6th for a Walkaround to meet with you and tell you more about the HOT Eats program!

More About HOT Eats

HOT Eats is a great, low cost opportunity for local businesses. The Riverside BIA supports this program and welcomes the Cultural Hotspot’s support for businesses in our area. We encourage you to sign up so that your restaurant, cafe or bakery is featured in:

·         The HOT Eats online directory and interactive map

·         The 10,000 Cultural Loops Guides distributed throughout the city

·         A contest and gift certificate give-away in partnership with Metroland Media

·         Cultural Hotspot promotions including ads in the East York and Beaches Mirrors

·         A city-wide social media campaign
If you have any questions or concerns about HOT Eats Cultural Hotspot working in our neighborhood, please do not hesitate to contact us at       

JUNE 7th: Digital Main Street Walkaround in Riverside

Dear Riverside BIA member,
We are excited to announce the Digital Main Street and the Digital Service Squad will be working in the Riverside BIA for the duration of the summer.  You may already be working with the Google 360 team which went out this week as part of Digital Main Street. The rest of the team will be doing a Walkaround with the Riverside BIA office for initial introductions on June 7th.  We look forward to meeting with you and finding out what you need help with!

About the Riverside BIA and Digitial Main Street Partrnership

We have partnered with Digital Main Street to help your business with its digital transformation. We realize the importance of having an online presence in this day and age and feel that the combination of the Digital Main Street platform and Digital Service Squad can help you with this.

You can have the Digital Service Squad (DSS) into your business to help you take your business digital, and help you with various tools and technologies. The best part is, there is absolutely no cost to you as a business. The primary role of the DSS is to help you on-board to the Digital Main Street online platform and assess your digital needs. The DSS can also help you gain a basic web presence, or enhance your existing web presence by helping you activate easy-to-use tools such as Google My Business, social media, or setting-up a free trial of an e-commerce shop (through Shopify). The DSS can also provide some guidance, resources and recommendations on how businesses can progress digitally. The DSS is focused on assisting your businesses with their digital goals.

If you have any questions or concerns about Digital Main Street working in our neighborhood, please do not hesitate to contact us at                                                     

‘Sounds of Leslieville and Riverside’ is July 7-9

Riverside Businesses 
Upcoming Events/ Offers  


Oma Chiropractic & Wellness

Interval House Presents: Career & Community Resource Fair at Ralph Thornton Centre

Complimentary Fitness Class at Framewrk Studio

Need a little spring time fitness revamp? 
Did you know there’s a fitness studio in 9 Davies with classes at lunch, after work and in the early mornings?  A variety of classes like Essentrics, Pilates, Strength/Conditioning and Yoga are offered. The community is fun and easy going. If you are part of the Riverside BIA please come and check out a complimentary class at Framewrk.

Just mention you saw this ad in the Riverside BIA Newsletter and you’re in!

Framewrk – 9 Davies Unit 206, Toronto ON M4M2A6

Framewrk is Looking for a Part-time Social Media Manager and Front Desk Manager 
The following message is from Josephine Cuthill from Framewrk Studio:
We are looking for the right individual to manage our social media and work at the front desk part time. We are a fitness studio in 9 Davies Av. and teach a variety of movement to an amazing community of inspiring people. We are looking for a pleasant, creative, responsible, trustworthy and positive individual interested in wellness and fitness to manage and grow our SM presence and create engagement and brand awareness. This is a part time position and requires some in studio time greeting and assisting customers while planning, posting and engaging with influencers. The ideal person will be customer service oriented, compassionate, reliable, punctual and able to handle small client issues while helping us define and grow our brand.

Resumes can be forwarded to

Queen/Saulter Library 
Toronto Humane Society Open House
Young People’s Theatre is offering PA Day Programs June 9th 

     Image result for young people's theatre

The Young People’s Theatre is currently offering PA Day programs for all upcoming TDSB and TCDSB PA Days in this school year and the final program of the season will take place on June 9th, 2017. Excellent feedback has been received from parents who live/work  in the neighbourhood and they have found the programs to be both convenient for them as well as an enjoyable experience for their children. The program is for children enrolled in Grades 1-3 and 4-6. Participants will experience fun drama exercises led by great artist educators, culminating in a collaboratively-created “play in a day”. A backstage tour with a behind-the-scenes peek at the theatrical process is included. You can find more details and register at the link below :
Spring Into The Future with Tourism Toronto

Ralph Thornton Centre
ESCAPE Sundays



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