Dog Park Profile: Hideaway Park
Hideaway Park is a great park for beginners with new pups or those who like a more low-key time at the dog park for their pooch. This small, off-leash dog park in nestled on the residential street of Audley Avenue – just one street south of Dundas Street E off of Pape Avenue – and is off-limits to commercial dog walkers.
Big trees provide a great canopy of shade at this park during the summer, which is also fitted with a water fountain, picnic table and pea gravel ground cover. Locals love to take their smaller pooches here for a romp, knowing it won’t be overrun with packs of dogs. And those who may have a doggie on the shy side will find this park welcoming, not overwhelming.
This little gem has two entrance gates, each with a mini-pen to situate yourself and ease your way into the main area. Friendly faces convene here on a regular basis and welcome newcomers to enjoy this often overlooked off-leash area.
If you’re looking for a quaint park to socialize your dog, make your way to Hideaway Park and discover for yourself.
Address: 23 Audley Ave, Toronto, ON 
Major Intersection: Pape & Dundas
Ward: 30

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Leslieville Tips: Hideaway Park at Pape and Dundas Streets

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