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  • Featured: BIA cigarette Disposal & Recycling Program
  • BIA Notices/Reminders: 2019 Commercial Facade Improvement Grant is Available; Shakespeare in the Ruff Annual Fundraiser Seeking Silent Auction Items
  • Riverside BIA 2019 Event Calendar
  • Upcoming Riverside BIA Member Happenings 
  • Neighbourhood News: Riverdale Historical Society Corktown – Shakers, Idols and Guardians; The Businesses of Accessibility

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BIA cigarette Disposal & Recycling Program 
The snow is finally thawing, but…
As the temperature goes up and we get all the warmth we’ve been waiting for the past months, we’re able to see all those cigarette butts that were buried under the snow all winter. It does not look good!

As this is a year-round problem (only aggravated by the melting of snow) we’re starting a Cigarette Recycling program through the BIA.
The program consists of the business paying a one-time fee of $100 to join the Cigarette Recycling Program through the BIA. Then, we’ll install and maintain a cigarette receptacle outside your business, which will be emptied regularly and sent for recycling through the Terracycle.

To learn more about Terracycle, the company that recycles them, click here.

To be part of the program, contact the BIA Office at office@riverside-to or 416-466-8167

2019 Commercial Facade Improvement Grant is Available
The application is received in a first come first served basis, and the funding usually runs out prior to the deadline! ​​2019 Commercial Facade Improvement Grant is open, apply NOW!

Each year, the Program provides funding to commercial and private properties to redesign, renovate or restore commercial or industrial building façades. The eligible improvements include, but are not limited to, brick cleaning, restoration, wheelchair accessibility, doors, signage, windows, lighting and masonry. 

Your application must contain:

  • Quotes from 2 different contractors for each improvement (at least 3) you want to make in your facade.
  • In case you rent, a letter from the landlord giving you permission to tackle the renovation.
  • You need to a drawing of the renovation project. It does not need to be done by a professional, it just needs to clearly show the changes you’re planning.
  • Application form

Download application form, here

Need contractors references? Have questions? Don’t know where to start?
Feel free to contact the BIA Office: office@riverside-to.com OR 416-303-4484

Shakespeare in the Ruff Annual Fundraiser Seeking Silent Auction Items

Shakespeare in the Ruff, a not for profit theatre company performs each summer in Withrow Park.  Shakespeare in the Ruff strives towards the seamless integration of outdoor theatre, education and community building.  Underpinning all of the work is the core value of accessibility.  Now in their ninth season, Withrow Park has become home.  Each year we’ve grown and become ambitious but we’ve never forgot brought us here: Youthful dreams and an amazing community.  

Once a year, Shakespeare in the Ruff (not for profit theatre company) hosts an annual fundraiser and this year’s fundraising event is a Games Night to be held  Monday, May 13th.  Along with the games night, we hope to have a silent auction.   We are currently gathering silent auction items from local businesses to support this cause and hope the Riverside neighbourhood would be able to assist. 
If you have something to donate please contact Riverside resident: Christine Riedel at riedelkiki@yahoo.com or 416-833-4121. 

For more information visit our website at: http://shakespeareintheruff.com/


Our 2019 calendar shows an overview of what’s happening this year! Email marketing@riverside-to.com anytime with your questions and to get involved.  
P.S. Check out our detailed Riverside Online Events Calendar which showcases BIA member and community events – to get your event posted, submit anytime to marketing@riverside-to.com


Corktown: Its Shakers, Idols and Guardians by Coralina Lemos

Join historian Coralina Lemos to hear selected stories from her newly released book,  “Corktown:  The History of a Toronto Neighbourhood and the People Who Made It.”

This event will take place at St. Matthew’s Clubhouse and is FREE to members or $5 at the door. Memberships are $20 each or $30 for per couple. 

More information here: https://riverdalehistoricalsociety.com/2019/03/01/corktown-its-shakers-idols-and-guardians-by-coralina-lemos/

The Business of Accessibility

Did you know that 53% of Ontario’s population has a disability or is related to someone who has a disability? Making your business accessible is no longer an option – it’s a business imperative.
For many years, OBIAA has been supporting BIAs and their Business Members to become more accessible. This year we are working with the Ontario Government on our third accessibility project: the “Accessible Main Streets Project”.​

We are also hosting a 4-part webinar series which starts on March 28th with an exploration of the role that BIAs can/should play in making main streets, BIA events, local businesses, tourism, etc. more accessible.​

More info and registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-ontario-bia-association-obiaa-1686382620


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Leslieville/Riverside News: #RiversideTO BIA Weekly Update

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