Leslieville/Riverside News: #RiversideTO BIA Weekly Update

Check out this update from our local Riverside BIA!

  • Featured: Happy New Year Riverside!; Antler Breakfast Video 
  • Riverside BIA 2019 Event Calendar
  • BIA Notices/Reminders: BIA Online Directory; Riverside Magazine; Digital Transformation Grant 
  • Upcoming Riverside BIA Member Happenings 
  • Neighbourhood News: Winter Pick-Up Program from Switchback; The Don River Valley Park Art Program Presents: Built!

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Happy New Year Riverside! 
It’s a new year and the Riverside BIA Weekly Update has a new look! The idea is to make it easier for everyone to access it from everywhere! 
It will still be delivered to your mailbox every Friday morning, all year round! As always, if you have anything you’d like included, please share your text/photo/graphic with at office@riverside-to.com by Wednesdays and to ensure we can get it for that week’s edition!


Antler Breakfast Video
Riverside had its 7th Annual Antler Breakfast held at the Ralph Thornton Community Centre, and we’re so happy to share you with this amazing video that was created during the event by J&C Toronto Real Estate!
Check this out: http://www.riverside-to.com/antler-breakfast-video/

Our 2019 calendar shows an overview of what’s happening this year! Email marketing@riverside-to.com anytime with your questions and to get involved.  
P.S. Check out our detailed Riverside Online Events Calendar which showcases BIA member and community events – to get your event posted, submit anytime to marketing@riverside-to.com

Riverside’s Directory Listing 
Did you know Riverside BIA members get a free Online Directory Listing?! Thanks to the Riverside BIA’s high ranking with Google, our online directory is another great way to help people find and learn about your business.Find your listing here and email us with any updates!
Don’t know if you are a Member of the BIA? Email us!
Riverside Magazine 2019 Ad Opportunities
Get in on the 2019 edition of the Riverside Magazine! 
The Media Kit for the 2019 Riverside Magazine is available and the team will be reaching out to businesses this fall! In the 2019 Media Kit you will find:

  • Riverside Magazine demographics and statistics
  • Ad Rate and A La Carte options
  • Ad specifications
  • Ad Deadlines 

Click here to see the 2019 Riverside Magazine Media Kit

Check out a digital copy of the 2018 Riverside Magazine here and get in now on the 2019 edition by contacting: editor@riverside-to.com

Have you applied for the Digital Transformation Grant?
Businesses located at the Riverside BIA are eligible for $2,500 grant to improve their Digital Presence.
Applicants will access the grantprocess through the Grant Program Portal, which is available until next March, but only 2,000 grants are available!
You can use these funds in many ways, as long as it applies to your digital plan!! It can be used to improve social media, create a mobile-friendly website, advertise to current and potential customers, or develop email newsletters!All members from the Riverside BIA are eligible to receive a $2,500 Digital Main Street Digital Transformation Grant from the Government of Ontario.
Click here to apply!

Switchback Winter Pick-Up Program

The program is back for its 4th year! It’s difficult to imagine warmer weather in the below zero temperatures, but the biking season will be just around the corner in no time! In late January, Switchback is offering you the opportunity to have your bike picked up at home, serviced, and returned to you at no extra cost! Let us try and help you beat the spring rush! 

To sign up or to reach them for more details please e-mail them at propel@switchbackcyclery.ca with Subject: “Winter Tune-Up Program” or give them a call at 416-466-6776.

The Don River Valley Park Art Program Presents: Built!

Co-presented by Evergreen with the City of Toronto and TRCA, the Don River Valley Park Art is a series of temporary, site-specific public art projects sited along the Lower Don River, curated by Kari Cwynar.

From December 2018 through October 2019, Evergreen’s Don River Valley Park Art Program partners with New York’s Socrates Sculpture Park to present an outdoor exhibition by Virginia Overton. On view for a year, the Toronto iteration of Built is spread across two sites. Three of the exhibition’s original sculptures have been installed on the Lower Don trail, to be joined by a new work made in Toronto. Overton has also installed the latest in her series of lightbox signs at the Evergreen Brick Works site, overlooking the quarry.

Learn more here!


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Leslieville/Riverside News: #RiversideTO BIA Weekly Update

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