East End Condos by the numbers                   (as of June 19th,2015)

East End (Treb District E1)

Condos currently for sale: 23
Condos currently for lease: 15

Downtown (C1 and C8)

Condos currently for sale: 2,137
Condos currently for lease: 1,508


Toronto East End Condo’s FAQ

Are there too many condos in the east end?

Take a look at the numbers above. In my humble opinion, even with the density we have coming east of the Don River, we have a huge shortage of homes in our neighbourhood. There are a total of under 2000 condos currently in the east end (This is the equivalent of just two high density downtown towers. Ie. “Aura” is 975 suites). If you are currently renting, and hoping to get into the market one day or even if you just want to continue to be able to rent a nice apartment at a reasonable rate, you should be careful about being strongly against all development.

We have an fantastic neighbourhood and people want to live here. The bottom line is if we don’t add places for people to live we will see rental and sale prices go through the roof, making even more difficult to afford Toronto.


I’m thinking of moving to the east end of Toronto. Should I buy or rent?

If you plan on staying for at least 5 years, or have a plan B (ie rent it when you move out) then buying is a great option. If you may be moving around soon – then rent.  It will give you a chance to check out the hood and do some research.  First step is sitting down with an expert who knows the buildings well so you can determine your best option.  The good news is that the east end has a limited supply so a good agent can guide you through the process of elimination quite fast… and save you a lot of time. You can’t process the information if you don’t have it.


What is the bottom line? Does the east end need more density?

My opinion is yes. We want to add more homes through smart and tasteful development.

Leslieville,Riverside, and Riverdale get more and more desirable each day. The east side trendy, fun, close to downtown, and has less traffic issues. What is not to like? We are at a perfect stage of gentrification in our neighbourhood that offers both ma and pa shops and hip trendy spots all mixed together. Plus, you can be downtown in 10 minutes! More development = sharing and growing our neighbourhood!


What are some good options if i’m thinking of buying a condo / loft in Leslieville or Riverside?

All condos fall under two categories: Resale (built) or New Construction (pre-built).  As I mentioned above the resale market is quite thin, so if you need something ready now you need to be on top of the listings and run over to see the new listings as they pop up. Or they are gone before you know it.   The new construction category offers some desirable options: 1. Kartelle’s Queen Lofts is a great little boutique condo building at Pape & Queen, you can see more info here. 2. I-Zone Lofts has some really nice existing units that are being renovated and sold for the first time, more info here. 3. Riverside Square by StreetCar developments is a great new project at the gateway to the Toronto’s East End, more info available here.


Do you have another question about Leslieville, Riverside, or Toronto Condos? Ask Matt & Ben! We would love to sit down and chat with you about your condo purchase. Call me anytime at 416-465-7850.  For more information you can check out all the building profiles at our sister site http://www.leslievillelofts.com/



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