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Well if you can’t beat them – join em!  We received this message about minecraft programming/coding workshops downtown at Queen and Spadina. I know it’s not in the east end – but it sounds like fun and could be interesting to local parents. If they have the interest they will be starting leslieville / riverdale area classes, the organizer tells me.

My kids can’t get enough of it – and my wife now loves it. So, i’m the only one in the house who doesn’t play this game. All of my childrens classmates play it as well. You can’t walk through the halls of Duke Of Connaught without hearing it referenced. Is it a phase? Hard to say – but microsoft did recently pay a gizillion dollars for it ,so they must think it will be around for a while.  The message I received from the organizer is below.

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Hey Leslieville.com Team!

I run the not-for-profit Ladies Learning Code and we’re offering a Winter evening program for girls and boys ages 8-13 who are interested in Minecraft and want to learn to code. We’re hosting our programs at Queen/Spadina from 6-8pm on Tuesdays and thought it might be of interest to your community. We have a large scholarship program so it’s accessible to anyone who might not be able to afford.

Does the creative 8-13 year old girl or boy in your life love Minecraft? Every Tuesday for 12 weeks, Toronto’s most creative and imaginative kids are invited to join Kids Learning Code for their Evening Minecraft Program.

Minecraft is an internationally renowned sensation and one of the best selling video games of all time. Users have fallen in love with the freedom and creativity of this generation-defining game, and its ability to promote both problem-solving and teamwork skills has made it a great learning resource for kids of all ages! This 12 week program focuses on intermediate to advanced topics in Minecraft perfect for girls and boys who already play but are looking to develop their technical skills.

More information and register here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/kids-learning-code-minecraft-weekly-evening-program-for-kids-8-13-toronto-tickets-14330931201

Melissa (Crnic) Sariffodeen
Co-Executive Director,
Ladies Learning Code
@learningcode @melsariffodeen


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Hey Leslieville – Do you or your kids love Minecraft?

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