Yes, I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself but a lot is happening in the Northeast corner of Leslieville. A gorgeous new Greenwood Park, GAS (Gerrard Art Space), The Lazy Daisy Cafe, Starbucks, Great Burger Kitchen, McGugan’s, Aprile Bambina Cucina, Eastvillage Towns, Zero Gravity And Sideshow Cafe, to name a few.

Now enter: Brickyard Grounds! The finishing touches are just being put on this funky new coffee shop.

Brickyard Grounds

This is a corner that once was buzzing with activity! Let’s hope that time has come again.

For all of Leslieville’s avid fisherman – don’t worry – The Bait shop is still in operation a few doors down (see photo below)but as gentrification continues- you might be digging for worms.



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Greenwood + Gerrard = Leslieville’s newest hotspot?

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