Two of North America’s most sought after personal trainers are coming to Riverside!

The Smits Brothers have worked with every type looking to get or stay in shape- from the NHL’s elite to the general public.

“We developed our style of training from working with professional athletes”

After running their own personal training studio on Queen St. East for 8 years they are opening a world class facility at the newly refurnished 100 Broadview building.

The large, sunlit space is the only gym in Canada to feature a 3 lane 100 ft turf track where the Smits Brothers run their signature metabolic conditioning workouts…

“…the most effective fat burning workout you’ll ever do, guaranteed”.

FORME FITNESS is based on the premise that the point of training is to get results. They specialize in more affordable semi-private (max 4) and small group (max 12) training. Placing clients in small groups reduces the cost of personal training, allowing more sessions to be completed with superior results.

“This successful model works because group training is much more motivating and enjoyable. Sharing the challenge together is much more rewarding. Energy builds energy, so workouts fly by, you train harder and everybody has more fun challenging each other”.

Give the Smits Brothers a call today to find out for yourself how FORME FITNESS will transform you and get you the results you want to see.  Visit their website for more information:



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FORME FITNESS Now Open in Riverside

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