Gerrard-Carlaw Dog Park is a wide-open space to let your dog run free, socialize, play fetch and meet new friends. This wood-chip based park is open to commercial dog walkers, but is not over-run and has many friendly locals who bring their pooches to play on a daily basis.

With big trees to create a great canopy of shade on those hot, summer days, picnic tables to park your goodies and a dog-frinedly fountain just outside its two gates – which include mini-entry pens – you are sure to find a great space for your dog to romp and relax at this off-leash parkette.

A few things to note for those who have dogs that are nervous of loud noises – this park has GO Train tracks directly running past and a fire station just across the street.

If you’re looking for a place to exercise your dog and enjoy meeting fellow Leslieville dog owners and lovers, this is a great park to take your canine.

Address: 855 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, ON
Major Intersection: Gerrard & Carlaw
Ward: 30


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Dog Park Profile: Gerrard-Carlaw Dog Park

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