5 Easy Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your Home!

We’ve all heard hanging a horseshoe amulet at the entrance of your home can bring luck, happiness and money but what are some other easy ways to bring good luck into the home?

1. Paint with Lucky Colors.  Colors like blue, green & purple can all carry great significance in the home but red is the most powerful color to incorporate as it is often used to protect and clear a home or a person’s energy.

2. Fresh Flowers. The beautiful ambiance fresh flowers brings to you is not only an instant mood booster but attracts prosperity, love, balance & harmony to your home.

3. Bowl of Fruit. Did you know a bowl of lemons can bring great fortune while juicy grapes can help ward off bad luck? Different fruits are thought to carry different meanings. Having a bowl of various fruit also promotes general health which is a symbol of wealth. \

4. Elephants.  Widely renowned to bring good luck, it is also a symbol of wisdom and strength in some cultures. They certainly are larger than life but even the tiniest elephant figurine can bring you luck.

5. Aquarium. Aquariums are thought to reduce stress, high blood pressure, and anxiety. They are supposed to be placed in the living room in the South-East direction as it is the traditional area that activates wealth and prosperity luck. If you want to put the aquarium in any other room then make sure it is kept in the North direction. 



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5 Easy Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your Home!

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