Steeped & Infused

Steeped & Infused
1258 Queen St E
Toronto, Ontario. M4L 1C3
(647) 348-1669

Jennifer Best had dreams of entrepreneurship. Already possessed of business acumen when she discovered the health benefits of tea, Jennifer’s own shopping patterns revealed a dearth of good loose leaf in the city. Tea, Jennifer had learned, is like wine, affected by growing conditions and processing methods. Jennifer sought to offer the best loose leaf teas and to foster a community of tea appreciators through customer service that’s knowledgeable and genuine, that’s about connection. Steeped and Infused started in 2007 as a small online store offering twenty teas. In 2009, Steeped and Infused opened a retail store on Queen Street East stocking eighty. As of 2011, Steeped and Infused has two licensee locations.

As the company grows, through Steeped and Infused’s bricks and mortar and online presences, a community continues to evolve out of Jennifer’s personal focus on holistic wellness and her entrepreneurial insistence on superb customer service. Steeped and Infused hosts tea-focused events, including tea-leaf readings, in-store yoga classes and culinary tours, and regularly posts blog entries on tea, health and wellness. Jennifer cultivates a welcoming space for passionate, fun and informative conversations. Your stories, your insights, your support are deeply appreciated at Steeped and Infused. Drop in or drop us a line anytime, share your discoveries.


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