Tara Tarot Consultant & More

1792 Dundas Street E
Toronto, Ontario. M4L 1M3
(416) 461-1999

Psychic readings, spiritual advise, Astrology, Tarot Card readings, Life coach, workshops, women’s spirituality, events, parties,showers,
birthdays, phone readings, media consultant, dream work, shamanic healing, energy work.
Tara is a natural born psychic, and has enriched herself through many years of serious esoteric, spiritual and psychological studies with many master teachers. Tara always works with her spirit guides and angels.
Since 1991 over 26,000 individuals have consulted withTara. She is the only Canadian psychic tarot reader to qualify in the 2012 world registry of psychics and mediums. You deserve the best, come get the best.
Tara is an authentic honest compassionate spiritual coach. Her readings are indepth, honest and enlightening. Tara brings hope inspiration, healing and wise guidance. Relationship, career, health, life transitions ask about departed ones, dreams. Tara guarantees you will be enlightened by her valuable guidance.


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